Posted by: RAJ | January 13, 2010

Journey Called Friendship …Pune to Lavasa

Journey Begins

Journey Begins

Having a long bike ride was always on my wish list, have spent so many classroom hours in day dreaming about going to places and riding my bike. Ha !! those were days of day dreaming ..still thats there but one of which became reality when two of my friend along with me decided to go to Lavasa-City which is 1.5 Hr drive  from Pune city i.e 80km.

Let me brief you about Lavasa, it’s a envisage city on hill-top with river passing by. Lavasa draws its inspiration from city like Shimla and Nanital. Only difference one can find  is that very much planned as compare to latter cities I mentioned. But Lavasa has long way to reach the stature of Shimla and Nanital. But still if you are in Maharashtra and want to see  mountains near the river try lavasa you worth a trip like this with your closed one.

Mo Was On the Run

Mohit Was On the Run

On the way to lavasa

On the way to lavasa

Nik on the Curve

Nik on the Curve

Life does really come full circle if one sees, Meeting my friend Nikhil(Nik) and Mohit always made me feel that know why ..when we talk .. n roam around together .. We never felt the school days were over .. it seems as if .. school hour just got over and we all are  siting together and laughing over things happened on that day. Going to Lavasa was just a plan to run down on the excursion and find out what store in terms of photography. But as the journey progressed we discovered the joy of bike  ride which was very prominent on the faces of my dear old friends. Speeding around the pathway and enjoying the tilt of the bike on the curves of road was something we always appreciated. To all bike riders out there road to Lavasa .. will give you nice kick while driving as it offers few of the steep turn  but awesome landscapes to view.  For the foodies out there the highway doesn’t offer you much, except when you cross Paud village while  driving toward your destination. One more thing people I have heard not seen though .. but wish to see also ..Lavasa in Monsoon time .. People says ..its beauty is at its peak.
As we reached our destination we were welcome by smart security people(wiered tie :P) at the giant  gateway, as we entered, the city really hold many surprises for us, it has nicely paved pathway which were looking gorgeous because of the neat garden built around…  as city is still under construction phase you might find many unfinished home. But it still offers travellers a nice place to stay, Two of the hotel were available Ekanth and Fortune. at two different situation both offer you a good view.

Lavasa From Ekanth

Lavasa From Ekanth

We didn’t go to Fortune, as locals encouraged us to go for Ekanth as it offered more beautiful view of Lavasa. It was so true .. So captured the same at that very instant .Rest the place also offer water sports  and water ride like paddle boating, water bike(these two i saw) water sport couldn’t find out as time was less we had other commitment of meeting friends in Pune so had to hurry. Anyways  going to lavasa is nice idea sirjee .. but it gives me one clear idea..Now I know where our rich people invest their freaking money. As to have home here also is again one pain but I am not asking you have a home .. enjoy  this beautiful place before they start charging you in the name of Tourism!!!! …Yeah  Sorry ….Just Being sarcastic about our goverment .. but requesting you go with your near and dear ones ..You’ll Love it!! In ….Marathi we say Changla Aahae!!!


  1. Hey it seems you had a great day… check out Lavasa’s Facebook page for more updates & nature images….

  2. It feels as if i have visited this place through your beautiful thougts Raj. I hope we visit this place together some day.

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